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Your Biomass Waste Solution

 YCE's goal is to return the highest possible value back to the owners and managers of wood. Looking to secure a profitable long-term home for your biomass? Call our team of experts. 

Our Process


Waste Biomass Solution

transforming woody biomass into cash flow

Biomass Solution

Transforming woody biomass into high-value asset

Yosemite Clean Energy
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Added Revenue

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Biomass Utilization

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Reliable Service

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Carbon Footprint


Yosemite Clean Energy partners with local private forest owners, loggers, fire safe councils, and tribes to build biofuels plants that will process the community’s residual waste biomass generated during stewardship practices or wildfire restoration.


By giving value to waste biomass our model will enable California’s forests to be sustainably managed, thinned, and replanted. By stewarding our private and natural resources, we will restore our nation’s ecological balance sheet, thus enabling a more sustainable future for generations to come. 

To see what a partnership with Yosemite Clean Energy might look like for you, contact our team of professionals. 

Yosemite Clean Energy offers farmers a long-term solution for their woody biomass and nut-shells generated at the end of their orchard’s lifecycle. Our biofuels plants not only serve as a home for their waste wood, but by generating multiple revenue streams from the biomass, we will maximize their return for each ton annually recycled. 


To see what a partnership with Yosemite Clean Energy might look like for you, contact our team of professionals. 


Farm Solution
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Founded and driven with experience

#1 goal is to serve the interests of the biomass owners in California

Farming in California

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Forest Operations & Management

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