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Our Technology

The solution our future requires.

Transforming waste into high-value fuels

Yosemite Clean Energy uses a proven gasification technology that has been applied on an industrial scale in Europe for over 20 years. The Yosemite Clean Energy biofuels plants have the capability to use gasification in combination with other commercially proven technologies to produce either 100% green hydrogen or produce both green hydrogen and RNG in a single process. 


Hours of Run-Time

Wood Biomass Chips


Years of Operation

No water input or output

Our efficient process uses no water input or water output 

No burning of biomass

Gasification transforms woody biomass through injection of wood with high heat and steam without oxygen to produce a clean medium-calorific-syngas

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Carbon Negative Process

Our "stump to pump" solution provides carbon-negative fuels at commercial scale

Dual-bed Gasification

What is gasification

From Stump to PumpTM 

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Quotation Yosemite Clean Energy (1).png

Gasification is a novel, much cleaner process that recycles our waste biomass using technology that is more environmentally friendly and meets our global climate goals. 

— Robert Jackson, VP Bus. Dev.


5008 Highway 140, Suite F,

Mariposa, CA 95338, USA

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North America

+1 (209) 800-2831



+43 (699) 10000003


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