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Thomas Hobby

Tom Hobby, has over 25 years of experience in forestry, academic research, biomass utilization, bioenergy, consulting, and executive management, and has more than 15 years of bioenergy commercialization and executive experience.


He has led Forest Management research on forest fuel hazard reduction, carbon emissions reductions, served as a founder of a provincial bioenergy association that spawned the biogas industry within N. America, and supported several other technology start-up companies. 


As CEO of Highbury Energy, Mr. Hobby led an international collaboration with the Korean Institute of Energy Research to develop a Fischer-Tropsh application for synthetic diesel production and led the successful US-Canadian patent application for Highbury’s catalytic cleaning technology. Hobby’s private consulting and management company, Biostewards Inc., has also managed a portfolio of timberlands for over 20-years and continues to manage forest logging, biomass production, stewardship, and reforestation operations in California.  Biostewards has conducted biomass energy project feasibility studies, including forest feedstock assessments for US Tribes & Canadian First Nations; these projects covered over 2.5 million acres of timberlands.

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