Your Zero-Emission & Carbon Reduction Solutions


Fuel-Cell Electric buses are the best zero-emission solution on the market. Globally these buses are being tested and deployed with exceptional success. In California, Orange County and the City of Oakland have led demonstrations. Cities across Europe and China have over 1000 buses currently in use. Fuel-Cell Electric buses have a lighter footprint and less complicated infrastructure requirements to set up, shorter fueling times, and ample power.

In contrast, typical electric busses to overcome charging-time considerations and cold weather challenges. Yosemite Clean Energy believes the Fuel-Cell Electric Buses will be a viable solution for many California municipalities. We invite you to perform due diligence in the Fuel-Cell vs. Electric Bus sector. We feel confident Fuel Cell buses will be significantly used to reach our Zero Emission targets and will become increasingly cost-competitive with other pathways in the near future.

Trucking fleet

Heavy- and light-duty trucks are a significant source of NOx, Sox, and particulate matter in the major air basins of California. While CARB and the California Energy Commission are following the legislation in California that has created these Zero Emissions standards, these agencies are responsible for developing a regulatory platform and creating incentives for Zero Emission truck conversions. Today, there are market adoption leaders who are demonstrating how to reach Zero Emissions in the heavy-duty transport sector. The companies that use Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric trucks will be rewarded with customer loyalty and branding power for making their products more sustainably transported. We are confident that using Fuel Cell Electric trucks will become the gold standard for all consumer goods that are brought into and shipped out from the Golden State. California is the launchpad for the rest of the United States. The heavy-duty truck market will change drastically over the next decade. Many case studies across the transportation sector — Port of Long Beach, UPS, FedEx — are all testing the new wave of Fuel-Cell trucks for meeting the future zero-emissions targets. Much work still needs to be done with infrastructure,  hydrogen storage, and transport. Yet, these supply chain pieces are garnering a lot of discussion with the policymakers. The industry is attempting to quickly meet fuel-cell Hydrogen market demands by utilizing new storage and transport methods.

We offer

  • Affordable fuel that is meets customer requirements
  • Zero-emissions or low carbon fuels (renewable hydrogen or renewable natural gas)
  • Reliable supply chain using proven, existing technology
  • Stable long-term offtakes minimizing fuel price risk
  • Strategic planning support for developing funding proposals, and holistic project marketing and communications to end-users that want to market the benefits of using renewable hydrogen for shipping and transport within their supply chains

Yosemite Clean Energy offers an affordable, reliable, and renewable solution. We integrate proven gasification technology using farm and forest wood waste to produce renewable, clean fuels for the world.

Our process, developed with international industry leaders, converts wood waste into a synthetic gas — or syngas — from which renewable hydrogen or renewable natural gas can be produced. Additional product pathways opportunities include synthetic diesel, bio-jet fuels, and other clean fuels.