Farmers & Forest Management Partners

Working together with farmers, foresters, tribal leaders and other landowners, we create locally-owned and operated enterprises that will convert local farm and forest wood waste into carbon-negative fuels for the community and the state.

Long term home for your waste biomass

Highest return for your waste biomass

Become a part owner in the biofuels plants

Serving Farmers

YCE incentivizes local ownership through giving individuals and companies equity in return for their commitment of waste biomass, transforming a liability into an asset.

Yosemite Clean Energy offers Farmers a long term solution for their waste biomass generated at the end of their orchard’s lifecycle. Our biofuels plants not only serve as a home for their waste wood, but by generating multiple revenue streams from the biomass, we will maximize their return for each ton annually recycled. 

To see what a partnership with YCE can do for you, contact our team of experts. 

Serving Forest Communities, Companies, and Private Land Owners

YCE is looking to partner with local private forest owners and Fire Safe Councils to build biofuels plants that will process the community’s waste biomass residual generated during stewardship practices or wildfire restoration. By giving value to waste wood our model will enable California’s forests to be sustainably managed, thinned, and replanted. By stewarding our private and natural resources, we will restore our nation’s ecological balance sheet, thus enabling a more sustainable future for generations to come. 

To see what a partnership with YCE can do for you, contact our team of experts. 

Through our local ownership model, we can secure the feedstock and provide a reliable supply of renewable fuels

  • The local ownership model will allow independent ownership of each biofuels plant with Yosemite Clean Energy providing the full-service operations, marketing, and biomass certification and management of the upstream supply chain
  • By marketing under a unified brand, we can create strong consumer recognition and product differentiation to establish Yosemite Clean Energy as the recognized leader in the new zero-emissions fuels market.